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What we best at is organizing private surfing lessons.
Weligama is the best place to take surfing lessons if you're interested! Local surfers and outdoor enthusiasts have come together to form the Baysurfmonkey Surf School in order to share their love of the water with you. Since beginners make up the majority of our private surfing students, it's okay if you've never surfed before; we'll help you get there! If you've surfed before but want to improve your technique, our teachers can lead you through a more advanced surf class experience.

1 Person Surf Lesson

This is a private, one-on-one surf class in Weligama, and it's a fantastic method to advance your surfing abilities whether you're a beginner or an experienced surfer. Before entering the water, we will discuss good stance, paddling and pop-up methods, where to position yourself on the board, and ocean safety. Once you're in the water, the teacher will be there to push you into waves and direct you where to stand in the surf. A FRIENDLY REMINDER

2 Person Surf Lesson

For friends, couples, or family members wishing to learn or advance their surfing talents together, a two-person surf lesson in Weligama is fantastic. A friend in the water with you during your surf class gives you the chance to experience the excitement, make a great memory, and catch waves together!

3-4 Person Surf Lesson

For individuals who are traveling with a large group of friends or their family, the 3–4 person surf lesson is a fantastic choice. Each of our instructors will work with a different participant in turn, making sure that everyone gets the right attention while honing their skills. As you catch waves at Weligama's fantastic right hand point breaks and sand bottom beach breakers, your loved ones will be rooting you on.

5+ Person Surf Lesson

Larger groups of friends, families, and companies wishing to learn to surf in Weligama can take advantage of our surf lessons for 5+ persons. Larger families, business team building events, and bachelor and bachelorette parties can all enjoy learning to surf together. Multiple instructors are available for these bigger groups to provide a high-quality surfing training.

Pricing Per Person

Timeslots Offered Daily

What’s Included

It’s difficult to learn to surf on your own. Surfing is very different from other, more established sports. The slow learning curve is part of what makes it enjoyable, though. Every session will present a challenge to you, even if you’ve been surfing for ten years. Start investing in your education now because surfing is likely the only extreme sport you will be able to participate in once you reach your 60s. Surfing, unlike other sports, is played in an unpredictable environment and heavily depends on geographical and climatic factors. Above all, we must allow other surfers to use our playground. In essence, learning to surf is more difficult than learning to play tennis or football.

Surf is a high-endurance sport that teaches its practitioners how to believe in themselves, challenge themselves, and push themselves to the extreme. Read more on How to prepare for your first surf lesson or join us on a surf coaching retreat to find out more.

Weligama Beach
  • #1 Surf Spot recommendation from our Surf Instructors!
  • 5-10 min drive from Weligama Beach
  • Offered Daily at 9:00 AM ~ 11:00 AM ~ 1:00 PM
  • 3:00 PM Lessons on Saturdays Only
  • This is where our group surf lesson is located as well!
Why is Weligama the best choice?

The ideal wave for a novice, intermediate, or first-time surfer is found at Weligama beach. Because the waves are easy to catch, steady, and moderate, we enjoy instructing here. Learn why we love surfing by taking a lesson with us!  READ MORE

Surfing Lessons Proven to Work

Our area of expertise is providing private surf lessons in Weligama, Midigama, and Madhiha. We believe that dedicating a surf teacher to you, your family, or your friends will allow you to make the most of your time. This ensures that you will have the greatest practical experience possible while swimming. Our instructors can usually work with up to four students at once. If a larger group is required for you to surf privately, we will add instructors as necessary.


Weligama's seasoned surfers' collective wisdom and the comments we receive from our pupils led to the development of our tried-and-true technique for conducting surf instruction. In order to maximize your time and become a successful surfer, we thoroughly examined the key steps. Because of this, we are convinced that weligama Surfing School will teach you how to surf quickly. Feel free to call and inquire about where we are surfing before showing up if you’re not sure

Details for Your Surf Lesson with Us

Duration -1.5 hours.

The sweet spot, according to our research, is an hour and a half. Before hitting the waves, we usually take a little time to get into our suits and go through surfing tactics on the beach. We now have a whole hour of wave riding left. It’s long enough to catch lots of waves and exhaust you completely. However, if you would want us to continue our classes longer, please let us know when reserving your appointment.

Where to meet?

When you book, we’ll email you the address of the surf spot and the driving instructions. Please call us if you don’t get the email with the driving instructions. However, the surf in the south is usually considerably better for a great surf lesson experience! So, if there is any surf in town at all, your lesson will be booked there. Depending on how the waves behave during your stay, there’s a chance you’ll take a surf lesson in Carpinteria or Ventura in order for us to provide you a 5-star experience.

We make it our business to make sure you're catching the greatest waves in the area on any given day because the surf conditions change frequently. When you call to make a reservation, our knowledgeable crew will be able to tell you where we will be meeting you because they are constantly monitoring wave heights and wind patterns.

What’s included?

We will provide the board, leash, wetsuit, and the instructor for 90 minutes. All you need to do is show up with your bathing suit.

Please call +94 776 311 661 to inquire when and where we are surfing before showing up!